Last updateFri, 15 Mar 2019 3pm

Court ruling gives Chapala respite in parking meter dispute

The Chapala government has chalked up a potentially significant win in the prolonged legal battle it is waging against MK Ideas Tech and Comers, the partner companies granted a concession to install and operate parking meters in the city center under the 2010-2012 administration.

The 15-year contract was revoked in 2014 by the next administration, leading to the shutdown of coin-operated meter devices. Ensuing back-and-forth lawsuits have not been fully resolved to date.


In the latest court volley, on April 12 the Seventh Collegiate Tribunal on Administrative Matters granted the government an amparo injunction, temporarily protecting it from a prior court ruling ordering payment of a 44.6-million-peso penalty to the two private enterprises.

The case is now under review as judges deliberate on a new sentence.

While opening the door for Chapala’s legal department to present arguments that could turn the suit in City Hall’s favor, the decision at least gets the current administration off the hook for immediate liquidation of an onerous payoff.

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