Last updateFri, 10 Aug 2018 3pm

Bees are the new buzz

Last month it was birds and now it’s bees. Guadalajara’s Museum of Paleontology continues its fine tradition of hosting fascinating exhibits which may not have much to do with dinosaur bones, but excel at making natural science interesting and understandable to the average person.

British tarantula experts visit Jalisco, relate curious tale of ‘Panamanian Tarantula That Wasn’t’

Three of Great Britain’s top experts on tarantulas – Andrew Smith, Stuart Longhorn and Guy Tansley – recently paid a visit to the Ecological Center of Pinar de la Venta, where naturalist Rodrigo Orozco is raising 6,000 tarantulas in captivity with an aim to ending poaching of these spiders in Mexico.

Abstract art in the woods

If you are interested in abstract art and you would like to visit a gallery, don’t waste your time hunting for one in downtown Guadalajara. Instead, head for the woods.