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Explore Guadalajara with new walking club

Everyone knows the best way to learn about a new city or town is by using your own two feet.  Savvy travelers usually check out walking tours – often free of charge – when they hit a new place.

Briefly - January 11, 2020

Hit on dog owner

A woman dispatched her son to kill a neighbor whose dog had attacked her several days earlier, police reports say.

Plaza del sol: 50 years & counting

Plaza del Sol, Guadalajara’s first commercial mall, located at the convergence of Avenidas Lopez Mateos and Mariano Otero, marked its 50th anniversary this week.

Giving thanks & eating well

A sextet of dynamic cooks served up a traditional turkey meal to some 75 diners at the American Society of Jalisco (Amsoc) on November 28, Thanksgiving Day. 

Christmas in Parque Alcalde

The same company that created the recent Calaverandia (Day of the Dead) theme park in Guadalajara is putting together a Christmas-themed spectacle in the same location – the Parque Alcalde.

Chamber of Commerce Xmas bazaar

Although there are various Christmas markets dotted around the Guadalajara metropolitan area – the Refugio market on Avenida Federalismo being the largest – some shoppers may prefer to search for seasonal decorative items and other yuletide merchandise in more tranquil surroundings.

Priest with pastoral care background starts at St. Mark’s

When Michael Schirmacher greets people at St. Mark’s Anglican/Episcopal Church in Guadalajara, he is as likely as not to ask, “How are you?” He confirms that his propensity for this particular greeting, common enough in everyday life but perhaps a bit unusual for a priest, probably stems from his background in pastoral care at hospitals.