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Letters to the Editor – January 22, 2016

Dear Sir,

It was funny to read about the “Go-to lady” on page 2 of last week week’s edition and the meeting she had with those complaining about noise, presumably knowing that the posters for the upcoming Chapala Carnival are being promoted with the slogan “Hagamos Ruido“ (meaning make noise).

Letters to the Editor – January 9, 2016

Dear Sir,

On this week’s letters page, I saw praise from a reader for a restaurant in the city.  I would like to make a recommendation of my own, regarding a deserving but largely unrecognized store in Ajijic. 

Letter to the Editor - November 20, 2015

Dear Sir,

The article “City-based pot heads head to Supreme Court,” published in your November 14-20 edition, quotes Jalisco Health Secretary Jaime Agustin Gonzalez Alvarez saying, “The combination of tobacco and marijuana increases the likelihood of lung cancer 18 times ... it is proven to produce neurosis, psychosis and serious mental conditions.” 

Letters To The Editor

Dear Sir,

The myth of the Virgin of Zapopan, the “Reina del Lago,” is responsible for the increasing level of Lake Chapala would be no more than a cute, local folk tale if it were not so actively encouraged and promoted by the Catholic Church. Anyone with a modicum of education and common sense, and one hopes that the Archbishop of Guadalajara does qualify, ought to know that the fluctuations in the water level of Lake Chapala are due to the combination of two factors: