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Letters To The Editor - July 25, 2020

Dear Sir,

Kudos to Dale Palfrey for her recent column “Strange and obnoxious conduct” excoriating some expats for insensitive, rude and unsafe behavior.

Letters To The Editor - July 11, 2020

Dear Sir,

In her column entitled “Fruitless Debates” (GR June 27, 2020), Dale Palfrey asserted in part that by virtue of its name, the ciclovia was meant for cyclists only and even included a picture of signage with the caption, “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who belongs on the ciclovia.”

Letters To The Editor - June 27, 2020

Dear Sir,

Mr. Savon, you would like statistics? Here you are. In December 2018 the unemployment rate was 3.9 percent, in May 2019, yea Donald, it was 3.6 percent.

Letters To The Editor - June 20, 2020

Dear Sir,

I read last week’s column, “Fruitless debates,” by Dale Palfrey and found it quite interesting. I would, however like to add a bit to the information on where the term “gringo” originates.

Letters To The Editor - June 13, 2020

Dear Sir,

I almost never read Ed Tasca’s column, but I happened to read the one in the May 30 issue. He stated, “Donald Trump was declared the dumbest president ... per capita.

Letters To The Editor - June 06, 2020

Dear Sir,

My 1970 Football (Soccer) World Cup.

At 27 years of age, just on 50 years ago in less troubled times, I had the confidence of youth on my side. In my remaining days of bachelorhood I had money, and the advertisement in the newspaper submitted by James Vance Travel caught my eye.

Letters To The Editor - May 30, 2020

Dear Sir,

I would like information on which of various foundations, services, etc, you might recommend for donations for personal protective equipment, food, etc., where the maximum amount possible goes to the intended recipient(s), especially non-profits, especially in Guadalajara.