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US winemaker conquers Baja & the gender barrier

I met Valley Girl wines’ Sitara Perez at the “100 vinos mexicanos” festival in Queretaro earlier this year. During a check of the participants before the show I came across the winery’s website and discovered she was an American who had recently moved to Mexico to make wine. 

Membrillo (quince) taste treats

The skin of the immature quince is green and covered with soft, gray fuzz that disappears as it ripens and turns yellow. The firm, strongly perfumed flesh is known for its tart flavor, astringency produced by tannins and high pectin content. 

Guadalajara’s 15 best eateries, as chosen by diners

Guadalajara is gradually becoming known for its growing variety and quality of restaurants, with new ones opening and closing all the time.  Word of mouth has always been the best recommendation for where to eat, and the Internet offers that option in abundance.

Among the top resources to search for dining options is Trip Advisor, which now has 607 Guadalajara restaurants cited on its site.  Of course, even the top restaurants will get some nasty comments, but a lot can be read in to this that get the best recommendations. 

Here’s a quick guide of the 15 top-rated restaurants in Guadalajara on Trip Advisor.  All the comments have been translated from Spanish.