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Avocado Club Restaurant: second story, first class

Avocado Club is a recent endeavor. But you’d think it had a longer, more charismatic history, based on its sophisticated and creative menu, which seems to demonstrate how to introduce curious new dishes and give standard entrees new flavors and textures.

La Mesa: creative flair, fare and atmosphere

La Mesa’s interior is an intimate space, bright and schmoozy, with service on thick oak tables covered in old-fashioned parchment. There’s an unusual vase per person loaded with a half-dozen each of forks, knives and spoons, a curiosity, but a practical one, especially if, like me, you drop forks all the time.

Hang up the apron, renounce the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day

This year it seems everyone is basting turkeys at lakeside eateries. Whether you’re strictly a meat and potatoes lover or are looking for that something special for U.S. Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24, these restaurants have you covered.

Cafe Negro: San Antonio’s specialist for breakfast, brunch

Opened more than eight years ago, Cafe Negro is a snappy, immaculate little cafe for breakfast aficionados. It offers more breakfast dining satisfaction per square meter than many of our larger establishments: the dishes are all made right there, the service and presentations are spot-on, the menu’s a showcase of just about any breakfast you can dream up – all at food court prices. The breakfasts are famous, as are the big, hearty home-made muffins, which are a breakfast in themselves, and the lush, magazine-cover pies, cakes and pastries – all deserving the cascade of praise they receive.