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Letter To The Editor - September 03, 2022

Dear Sir,

After more than 35 years living, loving and feeding Lakeside, I think I may have become somewhat jaded as many old timers are here, complaining about all the newbies moving in and changing our quiet beautiful little Mexican village into something we didn’t really want.

Letter To The Editor - July 09, 2022

Dear Sir,

July 4 is always a time to reflect, to observe, and to celebrate. As a boy growing up in Boston, the day was a formal occasion: I would be dressed as for  Sunday—blazer, bow tie, etc. (or in later years, in my Boy Scout uniform)—standing on Washington Street in Brookline, Massachusetts, with my hand over my heart or saluting as I watched the parade go by.

Earth Day

Dear Sir,

Three billion gallons of gas wasted each year in the U.S. alone, which translates to 30 million tons of C02 by idling cars! We need and can do better; we had better, as the earth is burning up.

Now 85 percent—feels like 90 percent—of fires are consuming our forests. More pollution exacerbates global warming.

I see people at Poncho's in their cars windows down, AC on, dog in the car, engine running to keep the dog cool. Please reduce your carbon footprint just a little, turn your car off at long lights, train your dog to sit and stay outside. Don't keep your car idling while texting, please!

Transportation accounts for 29 percent of greenhouse gases in the U.S,.—close to the same or more in Mexico.

Research has proven that 1 hectare of Bamboo can absorb 12 tons of C02 in a year. Bamboo Warriors is committed to doing our part to help reduce global warming. We need your help! Everyone needs to wake up and get busy saving the planet.

Reality is you/we spent our entire lives polluting the planet with no second thought about the consequences to our children or grandchildren, they will be cursing you when you are gone, as they will be left to deal with the mess.

Earth Day is this weekend in Ajijic. Please attend but walk or ride your bike if possible. The very least you can do is buy a Bamboo plant for your yard or home. Bamboo produces 30 percent more oxygen than any other trees or plants and absorbs many times the Co2,  for that reason Bamboo is the best grass to help fight Global Warming, scientific research proves it.

Mexico has yet to realize the many benefits and jobs that can created by planting hectares of Bamboo. I have been beating the drum for four years with little success, We all need to help, to reverse Global Warming.

Each of us owe it to Mother Earth, your children, and yourself to wake up and take action.

Christian Robertson

Bamboo Warriors

Letter To The Editor - April 09, 2022

Dear Sir,

It is unfortunate that Dale Palfrey’s guidance on pedestrian etiquette on the Lakeside ciclovia (cycle path) perpetuates ignorance of the proper behaviour of pedestrians on a mixed-use trail.