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Letters to the editor - March 16, 2019

Dear Sir,

I had the opportunity to drive into Guadalajara several times last week, one to take some visitors to visit the historical district in Guadalajara and another to drive them to the airport for a flight back home.

Letters To The Editor - March 09, 2019

Dear Sir,

While new monitoring systems and penalties may help the response to noise offenses in Jalisco, the only lasting solution to the never-ending noise problem in Mexico is to require that all entertainment venues – as well as gyms or any other place that uses amplified sound – are completely enclosed and soundproofed the same way they are in the United States.

Letters To The Editor - February 02, 2019

Dear Sir,

Though arriving in Ajijic to live just a day shy of a year ago – yet a very satisfied residente permanente – I serve as the secretary on a grassroots committee here at Lakeside, comprised of both Mexicans and foreign-born members.