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Pickleball – the gentle racquet sport

Pickleball is now all the rage as an active, exhilarating new sport.

It is ping pong supersized to a ground level court, smaller than a tennis court at 20 feet wide by 44 feet long, further reduced by a seven-foot non-volley-zone (NVZ) on each side of the net, where you are not permitted to tread and “spike” the ball from the air­—a rule added with the help of the American Orthopedic Association.

The non-volley-zone is called the kitchen. No one knows why. It can only be told if you give the secret Masonic handshake. If you enter into the kitchen to hit a volley, you lose a point. Even if your cap or shoe accidentally slips off into the kitchen, you lose a point. You may even suspend your shoe from play for the remainder.

You can enter the kitchen only to strike a ball that lands in the kitchen. And then you must quickly exit the kitchen during play with or without your shoe.


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