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Letter To The Editor - May 20, 2023

Dear Sir,

In relation to the note published on the front page of your prestigious newspaper in the edition of May 6 entitled “Sewage leak at Ajijic Pier,” I respectfully request the right of reply that the law confers me to make some clarifications in this regard.

Letter To The Editor - May 13, 2023

Dear Sir,

We are never alone in Mexico. Having moved to Ajijic from the San Francisco Bay Area almost 11 years ago, I have been lucky enough to enjoy a culture filled with loving, caring people.  This was never more evident than in the past week.

Letter To The Editor - September 03, 2022

Dear Sir,

After more than 35 years living, loving and feeding Lakeside, I think I may have become somewhat jaded as many old timers are here, complaining about all the newbies moving in and changing our quiet beautiful little Mexican village into something we didn’t really want.

Letter To The Editor - July 09, 2022

Dear Sir,

July 4 is always a time to reflect, to observe, and to celebrate. As a boy growing up in Boston, the day was a formal occasion: I would be dressed as for  Sunday—blazer, bow tie, etc. (or in later years, in my Boy Scout uniform)—standing on Washington Street in Brookline, Massachusetts, with my hand over my heart or saluting as I watched the parade go by.