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A date with Belabot & Michibot

In a naked move to capitalize on the current interest in AI, I decided to accept an invitation to eat at El Gato in Guadalajara, and to write about the experience.

pg5aEl Gato is located almost literally in the shadow of the quite pretty and towering Templo Expiatorio. (Here I would like to dispel the impression that this beautiful church is old: it was constructed in the 1960s in the neo-Gothic style. I am afraid nobody will believe me because it is so convincingly Gothic. In any case, it is much prettier, inside and out, than the city’s main cathedral a couple kilometers away.)

El Gato certainly doesn’t suffer for its nice location behind small trees on the quiet Calle Madero, near the church and its active plaza, and across from a well preserved old school. However, the real reason for its modest fame is that it employs two robots as waiters.

It also employs two real waiters/bartenders, who are very friendly, but seem a bit harried, leaving one to wonder if the robots are doing such a great job. The main function of Belabot and Michibot appears to be delivering food to the restaurant’s approximately 15 tables spread across three or four pleasant rooms—all on one floor (accommodating the robots’ wheeled locomotion).

Belabot and Michibot do deliver the food, after you order using your telephone from a very extensive international menu of pasta, pizza, salads, fish, chicken, cream soup, and a huge selection of drinks, including beers, cocktails with and without alcohol, coffee and agua fresca (134 pesos for a pitcher of pineapple).

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