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The dark web & stolen data

My friend Sally received an urgent message from her free email provider, Google Gmail, saying she needed to immediately change her password.

COMPUTER CORNER: Fighting Google’s changes in URL protocols

Internet users have a really hard time understanding URLs. Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the protocol used to specify addresses on the internet. Typically a URL begins with “https://www” and includes a domain name such as “google.com” then can continue for dozens, hundreds, or thousands of characters more.

Social media alternatives

The toxic political climate now existing in 2021 has prompted some people to start investigating alternatives to “big tech” and its censorship.

WhatsApp privacy concerns: is switching worth the hassle?

The sensational headline responsible for alarming many read: “Millions of WhatsApp users ABANDON the app and switch to rivals Telegram or Signal ahead of privacy policy update that will force them to share their personal data with Facebook.”

Thwarting official surveillance

“The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” cried Chicken Little. “The internet is going dark, the internet is going dark!” cries law enforcement and government snoops.

COMPUTER CORNER: Grabbing screenshots, a basic skill

The message contained in the email that appeared in my inbox read: “I got a message from somewhere and I think it said something about how I have to sign up with Windows or somebody so Google can download my iPad to Facebook in the cloud.