Last updateFri, 27 Mar 2020 10am

Coronavirus & internet overload?

Yes, I know the coronavirus is not a computer virus, but some of the tech news outlets I follow have mentioned some possible effects coronavirus (Covid-19) could have on the internet.

How the internet may change in the next decade

As we enter the decade of the 2020s it seems a good time to reflect on how over the last two decades the internet changed the face of society as this computer network transformed from a novelty for techies to an absolute necessity for everybody.

Password breaking points

It most definitely does not fall within my area of expertise, but based on what I have read, the average person can only take so much Chinese water torture or pokes from a cattle prod before they break. 

The legal vacuum of emojis

Members of my generation are sometimes confounded by the changes in our language that have been brought about by modern technology, specifically texting on smart phones. 

Understanding email errors & failures

“Why didn’t my email go through?” The protocol for sending emails is called Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) and when it fails there could be hundreds of possible reasons why that happened.