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The hair-raising road to San Pedro Analco

The classic version of a camino de montaña or mountain road in Mexico inevitably features a thousand-meter drop on one side and a sheer vertical wall on the other, all too often topped by delicately balanced rocks, each weighing tons and just daring you to pass beneath them.

Salud Digna: low-cost private health care in Mexico

For years I had heard rumors of a place in Guadalajara called Salud Digna where people of scarce economic means could get an eye examination and a good pair of glasses for a price they could actually afford.

Stumbling on a Garden of Eden

Although the ex-Hacienda de San Antonio is hidden away at the bottom of a huge canyon located just northeast of the town of Tequila, you might have a hard time finding a single Tequileño who has ever heard of it.

Jalisco’s queen of pine-needle art

I hate to confess it, but once upon a time the only use I knew for a pine needle was slipping one into the pant leg of a fellow camper, as a practical joke.


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