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Village of Oconahua celebrates 2,000-year-old heritage

The Jalisco village of Oconahua is hidden away in the municipality of Etzatlán, a few miles from the border with Nayarit. Most of its inhabitants are indigenous and the pueblo’s fine tortillas are much appreciated in the region.

Guadalajara opts for Dutch underground water & utility project

In May 2019, the Jalisco town of Ciudad Guzmán announced that a radically new water and utilities distribution system — based on cutting-edge Dutch technology — would be installed to rid the town of its tinacos (rooftop water tanks), as well as the ugly telephone and electrical wires stretched above its streets.

The best hang-gliding experience in Mexico

Los Pozos (The Wells) is a rather curious place, located on the edge of kilometers and kilometers of featureless salt flats, at the foot of a sheer cliff wall that rises straight up for 595 meters.

How tiny Talpa became the mecca of Western Mexico

If the small Jalisco town of Talpa de Allende is not in the middle of nowhere, it is just on the edge of it, hidden among the lonely hills of the Sierra Occidental, about two-thirds of the way from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta.

Discovering the seven nested craters of Ceboruco Volcano

“Let’s go camp on top of Ceboruco Volcano to see the Lyrid meteor shower,” suggested Chris Lloyd, my geologist friend. “The next morning, we can go take a look at a fumarole with beautiful sulfur crystals. It’s in the upper crater.”