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Time to take expat voting seriously

I failed to vote once in an important U.S. election several elections back and I felt guilty for months afterward, not because of the outcome of the election, but because many wars have been fought for the privilege to vote for someone who wants to help all Americans in their “pursuit of happiness,” even if that’s the World Wrestling Federation.

The sport of American tourist spotting

Mexicans, and I’m guessing people in many foreign countries, have a way of recognizing American tourists from the moment they are heard saying, “Hey, how ya doin’?”

The Shifting Winds of Mexican Immigration to the US

Part II

In 1933, the United States entered the depths of the Great Depression. To create jobs for native Americans, U.S. Secretary of Labor William N. Doak thought it would be a great idea to deport illegal immigrants.

Are you a misanthrope?

Misanthropy is a real thing. It’s not bigotry or any of the “isms” associated with bigotry. It’s a generalized dislike of unlikable human behavior that lacks empathy and respect for other people and rejects their legitimate ambitions, needs, sensibilities and abstract thinking.

Little-known fixes our Magic Town might look into

There’s no question that as a new year begins, infrastructure is still the most common mentionable here at Lakeside: unrepaired inner-village cobblestone streets, avenues and sidewalks, poor traffic signals, sewage drainage, traffic overload, development overload, parking availability and so on.