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Peculiar courtesies of the Mexican character

Not long ago, my water filter exploded. Yes, exploded. We’re talking about something the size of a thermonuclear weapon. Pieces were everywhere in the bodega that housed it. And this was the second time it happened.

Dressing casual without getting stared at

There’s a certain look that says Hawaii, the splashy-colored, billowy shirts imprinted with large dolphins, palm trees and hula girls. Or Miami, with the pastel colors and Panama hats. All indicative of a local fashion – and stating firmly that you’re IN.

AI already seems to be suffering from dementia

Google has just rolled out its newest AI (artificial intelligence) search tool, and the results have been questionable, according to social media and something called AI Overviews, an analytics group.

Fascinating home-made remedies

There have always been helpful magazines and innovative adventurers sharing various at-home recipes for curing all manner of physical defects and home repairs, including being elderly.

Misogyny: Virile insecurity?

Can there be anything as distorted as unfounded, aimless hatred for the opposite sex, whom we cherish and depend on so much?