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Does 70 sound old anymore?

A lot of retirees here at Lakeside know what it’s like to hit 70.  It’s the milestone. And for some, it feels like walking into that milestone face first. It hurts.

My woodpecker story

I remember an improvised comment my brother made when he was in his first year college at 18. He was sitting in class listening to his professor, when a woodpecker began pecking frantically on a tree just outside the classroom window.

Does evolution favor the wicked?

Based on the worldwide currency of truly bad behavior, in politics, in business and in daily life, it seems impossible these days to identify sins, as in offenses against the supernatural ruling party.

Hello again ... huh ... Jose?

If you think about all the people whose names you’ve forgotten in your life, it can be quite embarrassing, now at post (?) pandemic.

The folly of whitewashing & banning

Books on certain uncomfortable subjects are being banned today, and spoken references about groups who are not “normal white folks” are being retranslated into something ideologically acceptable.