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Let’s celebrate something

The “Roaring Twenties” are the only decade in American history with a nickname. They started in 1920 until the roar ended in 1929. While we try to reconcile our distrust of 2020, let’s look at some of the history-making 1920 events that deserve a centennial celebration this year.

Lakeside: a vacation community or wellness center?

Ten years ago there might have been three or maybe four medical practitioners living and working at lakeside. If you had anything like a serious illness, you had to go to Guadalajara for specialty care and treatment. Or, you had to call a bruja.

Lawfulness takes 20-20 acuity

Despite misperceptions abroad, Mexican people are even-tempered and gentle. They bring a calm, genial formality to their public appearances. There is rarely a public display of temper, frustration or emotion.