Last updateFri, 15 Feb 2019 10am

Snob Appeal – Part II

The byword for theatrical events at Lakeside is this: If you build it they will come.  No end to audience availability, no matter what the offering happens to be.

Snob appeal: Part I

There seems to be an overwhelming need and accommodation at Lakeside for live entertainment – a Mexican Hat Dance of endless expat entertainment possibilities, to say nothing about the various native cultural events that draw gringo attention and excitement. All this, plus the casinos, turn Lakeside into the Las Vegas of Mexico.

The age of personal exhibition

I don’t have Alexa. Or Siri. Don’t use Facebook or Twitter accounts. So I just go around the house announcing out loud what I’m doing at random times. I have three followers, but I think two are therapists.  I have just explained to my bedroom my new secret ingredient for scrambled eggs. I think it liked it.