Last updateFri, 04 Dec 2020 1pm

‘An absolutely atrocious year,’ asserts US ambassador

Speaking in a panel of high-level diplomats at Guadalajara’s International Book Fair (FIL) Wednesday afternoon, Christopher Landau raised eyebrows by scolding and setting himself apart from colleagues focusing on a “multilateral” approach to Covid-19.

Virtuoso musician stays inspired through art

There’s a moment in “A Piece of Work,” the documentary about her life, when the late comedian Joan Rivers brandishes a blank page from her appointment book and asks the cameraman, “You want to see fear? I’ll show you fear.”

Covid vaccines: When will they roll out in Mexico?

Mexico may not lag far behind its northern neighbors in numbers of anti-vaxers, but judging from the excitement around the announcement of superlative Phase 3 trial results for two dual-dose Covid-19 vaccines — from the giant New York-headquartered Pfizer and the much smaller, Massachusetts-based upstart Moderna — any resistance could soon fall like dominoes on both sides of the border.

The forgotten art & importance of a ‘thank you’ letter

It shouldn’t have taken a global pandemic to summon our better angels, but Covid-19 has brought out the best in many of us, proving again what Abraham Lincoln asserted in his inaugural address in 1861: “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies.