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The TexMex taste of my childhood

A meal at La Fiesta starts with a delicious salsa and chips delivered to the table.

pg15aThe salsa is slightly smoky … roasted tomato smoky, but not too much, with hints of pepper and cilantro. The chips are light and just the right amount of salt to complement the salsa.

We turned our attention to the cocktails before deciding on our dining options.  The cucumber mezcal margarita was slightly sweet, cool and refreshing with a kick of spice from the salty tahin. Very drinkable! The Cadillac Margarita was a hit.  It was smooth and the inclusion of añejo tequila and the Grand Marnier is what rounds out the flavors in the drink. Garnished with slices of dried blood oranges, my dinner companions enjoyed the garnish as much as the cocktail.

You can upgrade the Cadillac to a House Special by adding cranberry juice.  Most everyone at our table loved it.  “It is like the Cosmo of margaritas,” one of my companions said. “Anyone who enjoys a Cosmo will love this!”

I opted for a beet mezcal margarita. I am learning to be a fan of beets, so I thought the smokey tones of the mezcal would even out the sweetness of the beet. I took a chance and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I did not have any real mezcal fans at the table so they were not as impressed, but I really liked it.

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