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Learn all about the Primavera Forest

A exhibition titled “La Primavera, past and present” has opened at the Guadalajara Museum of Paleontology, illustrating the rich and varied geology, biology and archaeology of this Natural Protected Area bordering the western rim of the metropolitan area.

Organized by the Guadalajara Secretariat of Culture, the University of Guadalajara (UdeG) and the Eco Sound Education organization, the exhibit explains the Primavera Forest’s origins as a result of various volcanic processes dating back 140,000 years. Visitors can learn about the forest’s lava domes, hot springs, hydrothermal waterfalls, steaming valleys, giant pumice stones and monoliths, as well as its vast range of flora and fauna.

La Primavera, covering 120 square miles, is a vital ecosystem for the metropolitan area, regulating the climate, controlling sedimentation and helping pollination, in addition to being an ideal space for recreation and ecotourism.

The Museo de Paleontología is at Avenida Dr. R. Michel 520, behind the Parque Agua Azul. The Primavera exhibit will remain open until April 2023.

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