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In war, talk isn’t cheap!

There’s a war going on right now and Canada and the United States are involved.

If we believe in democratic systems and maintaining border integrity—as defined by the chief arbiter of national borders, Google Maps—it really affects us all.

War isn’t funny, but I have wondered what could happen to opponent relationships if opposing armies swore at one another like street fighters, and then went and had a few beers together. With angst abated, maybe a war would end sooner. In World War I, troops on Europe’s front-line did stop occasionally to sit down and have tea together, especially during holidays. It was a pretense of gentility until they went back to blow their tea guests and teapots to Kingdom Come. But it gave both sides a chance to express war frustrations and tell a few ethnic jokes.

Today, rival warriors don’t have tea time, because battles are fought at a distance with high-tech missiles. And diplomats can’t just have a “cut-up” fight and then go home.

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