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Death of first non-binary magistrate shocks Mexico

Jesús Ociel Baena, the first openly non-binary person to assume a senior judicial position in Mexico, was found dead last weekend in their home in Aguascalientes.

pg4The State Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that their body was found near that of another person, whom the local media identified as their partner, Dorian Daniel Nieves Herrera, a 37-year-old male model. Both had stab wounds, authorities said.

In his first statement to the media, Aguascalientes Attorney General Jesús Figueroa said the evidence indicated that there were not other people in the house at the time of the incident, and that their nature of their deaths suggested a domestic dispute had taken place. Although he stressed that all avenues would be pursued in the investigation, his preliminary assessment of the scene garnered quick condemnation from the LGBTIQ+ community for jumping to conclusions.

It is open knowledge that since Ociel Baena was installed as a magistrate in the Supreme Electoral Court of Aguascalientes in October 2022 they had been a target of hate. Since July they had counted on private security, although their bodyguard was not with them at the time of their death.

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