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Ajijic Jewish Film Festival

The 2021 Israeli comedy “Forgiveness” is directed and acted in by the same duo that brought “Makub” to the screen (Guy Amir and Hanyon Savon), one of the most commercially successful Israeli films to date (screened at the 2020 Ajijic Jewish Film Festival).

pg22aWho wears flip flops to a robbery? Once the question is posed, the tone is set for a rollicking, comedic ride as thieves and gangsters try to make their big score. Shaul ( Guy Amir) and Nissan (Hanon Savyon) burgle a post office in Southern Israel. Shaul, the safecracker, gets down through a manhole while Nissan is the lookout and getaway driver. Unfortunately for the pair, while Shaul goes back underground for his forgotten tools, Nissan drops the money laden bag on his flip-flopped feet and his screams of pain set off car alarms during wartime. Neighbors think there’s a terrorist attack and sirens blare. Nissan takes off with the loot while Shaul is caught by the cops.

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