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When you are just too alluring

In Ajijic’s new position of honor, promotion of its benefits, charms and amenities has resulted in what could become an uncontrolled population surge from North America and beyond.

Some estimates have it that new residents and tourists will be invading Lakeside by as much as 5,000 new migrants every year. Infrastructure here will be teeming with issues no one can imagine. And somebody at a later date will be writing letters and complaining that the media didn’t explain and complain about these issues.

So here, for the record, is my deconstruction of the issues.

1. Roadway overload

The Jocotopec-Chapala Carretera is our single, one-way back-and-forth through the northern flank of Lake Chapala. The recent renovation and repair of the highway has been largely cosmetic, with nothing to do with increasing movement of peoples and vehicles through the village.

I believe the Libramiento intersection leading into or past the Ajijic Walmart may be the grand, surreal sign that maybe some of these new roadway changes were not carefully thought through.

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