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Hot weather tips

As the hot season intensifies, dehydration can become an issue for some people, especially those who are not used to doing exercise under a blazing sun.  Here are some tips from Katherine Tallmadge of the Live Science website.

1 in 5 patients unhappy with IMSS service

Surveys carried out by the Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social (IMSS) in recent years show that around 80 percent of those covered in the national health-care program are satisfied with the service and treatment they receive.

Mexico begins National Heath Week

All children aged under five may be taken to Health Secretariat clinics (Unidades de Salud) for important vaccinations during Mexico’s First National Health Week (Primera Semana Nacional de Salud) of 2012, scheduled February 25 to March 2.  The free shots guard against polio, tuberculosis, rotavirus, hepatitis B and measles, among other diseases.  For more information visit www.censia.salud.gob.mx.

New law protects against false medical claims

Purifimax promises to wash the liver, improve digestion, balance metabolism, clean toxins in the blood and facilitate weight loss. It comes in a reassuring white and blue bottle of 60 pills for about 500 pesos. But starting February 17, Purifimax and other miracle products will no longer be able to make such claims in their marketing. According to a new law signed by President Felipe Calderon, the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (COFEPRIS) will have the power to shut down any advertising campaign for products making such sensational claims.

HIV infection rates fall

World Aids Day will be marked on Thursday, December 1 at a time when rates of HIV infection and AIDS-related deaths are at their lowest levels since their peaks around the turn of the millennium, according to a report by the United Nations’ UNAIDS division.