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Photographer/artist in process of reinvention to exhibit in Ajijic

It is 2022 and the past couple of years have been a challenge.

pg13aFor creative people it was either a great opportunity for growth and exploring their talents in a new light or a succession of months where the notebooks went untouched and canvases remained blank. But recently the word that seems to be in many of the conversations I have been a part of is “reinvention.” Artists and creatives are looking to reconnect, rediscover and reinvent.

And Karen Spencer—a New Yorker through and through—is someone who understands the concept of reinvention.

New Yorkers are a breed unto themselves and in a city that large and fluid, you learn to adapt and reinvent. Karen was born and raised there, and her passion for art, and photography in particular, was sparked while at City College. An eye for composition and color were prevalent in her photography and this natural ability led to her long career in graphic design and art direction.

Spencer’s innate sense of curiosity, love for travel and her head for business took her away from New York to pursue work in New Orleans and then back to the East Coast, finally settling in Norwalk, Connecticut. While in Connecticut she broke away from large corporate institutions and opened her own graphic firm. She was the creative design force behind ad campaigns for many nationally recognized companies and employed a team of designers.

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