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Ajijic Jewish Film Festival

“Leona” is a Mexican film offering a fresh and contemporary look at the age-old conflict of forbidden love.

pg6When a muralist, Ariela (Naian González Norvind), falls in love with a young gentile man (Christian Vazquez), her insular Syrian/Jewish community marshals its forces to persuade her to reconsider or risk being shunned.

Ariela’s family, especially her divorced mother (Carolina Politi) subjects her to relentless, if somewhat comical, arm-twisting from community elders who explain that their tight-knit community forbids any outside marriage, nor do they permit religious conversion. The obvious love and closeness this family enjoys is a counterpoint to the rigid rules they seek to enforce against one of their own.

First time director Isaac Cherem employs a low key, realistic style with comic elements as he puts Ariela through her paces, meeting appropriate, but uninspiring potential mates. Utilizing the background of Mexico City, which by itself is almost a living character, this film is a cinematic treat.

Ultimately a coming of age story, Ariela must fend for herself to firmly establish her identity.

“Leona” (2018, Mexico) Directed by Isaac Cherem. Run Time: 95 minutes.

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