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Is there a God? Freud debates C.S. Lewis at BRAVO! Theatre

“Freud’s Last Session” by Marc St. Germain imagines a conversation between Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis, and renowned atheistic, and Christian writer C.S. Lewis. 

pg21The action takes place on September 3, 1939, as England declares war with Germany. BRAVO! Theater has reopened and welcomes you into Freud’s study to listen to the intimate discussion between these two men.

We encounter Dr. Freud (Peter King) checking his radio for updates about the war. His barking dog alerts him to a visitor, Professor Lewis (Stan Rawson). Lewis has come at Freud’s behest, curious about the invitation to meet with the famous doctor. He discovers that Freud wishes to interrogate him about his Christian beliefs, with which Freud vehemently disagrees.

The two men engage in a vigorous and fascinating debate about the existence of God. Various interruptions—phone calls, radio announcements, an air raid siren—provide context about Freud’s family and the state of England at the cusp of World War II. Our glimpses into Freud’s advanced cancer and his relationship with his daughter Anna leave us wanting to know more.

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