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LLT’s ‘Cake Walk’ rife with Canadian culture

Lakeside Little Theater concludes its 57th season with the amusing “Cake Walk” by Colleen Curran. On Canada Day 1984, four women (and a man!) vie to win the cake competition.

To interest the audience, the consequences for characters must be critically important. While this is ostensibly a frivolous contest, each person has a compelling reason for wanting to win.

We first meet Leigh (Barbara Pruitt) as she enters the basement of an inn, a waiting room for cake contestants. The set is sufficiently “1980s basement” to give us a sense of place. We discover that Leigh is a Catholic nun who is questioning her vocation. The other contestants are Ruby (Georgette Richmond), the wife of a local tow-truck operator, café owner Martha (Pamela Johnson), and wealthy mom Augusta (Tracy Fox). Our lone male baker is Taylor (Malory Murdock).


The play is rife with Canadian culture—from Timbits to Madame Benoit and the Wayne and Shuster Show. Canadian playgoers will find plenty of entertaining and nostalgic references.

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