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Eccentric characters & warrior angels

For Beth Myers, every day begins with a song.

pg13aShe wakes each morning to discover a catchy tune has made its way into her consciousness. Often times the lyrics or the melody are what begin to inform her painting for the day. She has no explanation for where the song comes from or why it has manifested itself. Sometimes it remains for several days and permeates her waking hours.

Myers is also someone who sees faces in her dreams and this lovely affliction is called pareidolia. “I see faces everywhere. They appear in textured walls, patterned tiles and most especially in my dreams,” she says.

Wikipedia describes this cognitive process as interpreting “random images and patterns of light and shadow as faces.” The combination of music trickling through her brain and the faces Myers recalls from sleepy dream states leads to the creation of characters who emerge from her imagination and come into existence on canvas.

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