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Ajijic Jewish Film Festival

“Longing” is a tragicomedy or dramedy about Ariel (Shai Avivi), a middle-aged bachelor who meets up with his former girlfriend from 20 years earlier.

Ronit, the ex, tells Ariel that she was pregnant when she left him and they had a son, Adam. As if Ariel isn’t shocked enough to learn he’d fathered a son, in the next breath, Ronit tells him that Adam recently died in an accident when he drove his car off a bridge

Ariel attends a memorial ceremony for a day in Acre, Adam’s hometown, and at the cemetery, he bonds with the grieving father of a teen-aged daughter who recently suicided. Ariel finds himself magnetically drawn to his son’s community and settles in for a while to trace Adam’s life. He attends his son’s classes and meets with the school principal. He gets to know Adam’s his ex-girlfriend, and other friends. He spends a lot of time with his son’s French teacher, (Neta Riskin) who was the object of Adam’s intense crush and fantasies.

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