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Jewish Film Fest: Holocaust survivors reclaim their lives

The title of Sunday’s Jewish Film Festival selection, “Those Who Remained,” refers to two survivors of the Holocaust and how they were able to come to terms with their trauma and loss through an unorthodox and ambiguous love relationship that helped them heal.

This much nominated Hungarian film, including at least five film festival nominations for Best Picture, handles the subject with delicacy and authentic emotion.

Dr. Aladar Korner, known as Aldo, is a 42-year-old OB/GYN who returns to Budapest at the war’s end after his internment in a concentration camp. Having lost his wife and two young children during the war, Aldo leads a solitary private life while practicing medicine in a local hospital. He meets teen-aged Klara when Olgi, her great aunt, brings Klara to see him because she believes Klara’s puberty is stunted. Olgi found Klara in an orphanage while searching for other relatives after the war.

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