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Arthur Miller’s ‘The Price’ at LLT

Lakeside Little Theatre presents “The Price” by Arthur Miller, directed by Monnie King and Peter King, March 1 to 10.

pg21aWhat’s the price of your past? How many of us wish we could go back and undue our previous decisions?

This gripping play by one of America’s greatest Tony award-winning playwrights is a trenchant study of family dynamics gone awry—two brothers with an equal start in life end up in very different places and with a strained relationship clouded by desire and history. The play witnesses the brothers’ reunion while they face their family secrets, their personal regrets, and their moral dilemmas.

After the Great Depression, Victor Franz gave up college to support his father. After 30 years, he returns to sell his parents’ estate. His wife Esther, his brother Walter and a canny, 90-year-old Russian furniture dealer have their own agendas. Discover how their father’s fate during the Great Depression shaped their lives and choices.

This timeless masterpiece moves from serious to lighthearted drama, and offers intense dialogue, complex characters and a realistic setting.

The play also offers insights into the divisions that Miller saw developing in 1968, as a response to the cultural upheaval prompted by the Vietnam War.

Monnie and Peter King met in London. After they both retired, they decided to pursue their mutual passion and enrolled in theater arts schools. After appearing in live theater and TV productions in London, the couple moved to Florida, where they began to direct and produce their own shows. Today, they’re continuing their passion at Lakeside Little Theatre.

Ticket sales at lakesidelittletheatre.com.

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