Last updateFri, 18 Jun 2021 4pm


Aggravations & euphoria

Our collective obsession with Covid-19 reached a fevered pitch last week as word spread that dates had finally been set to run the second round of inoculations for Chapala’s over-60 population.

Like others who had been sitting on pins and needles for eight long weeks, I harbored high hopes that the hapless organization experienced in getting the first dose would be remedied. Alas, local “Servants of the Nation” and their superiors apparently missed critical lessons from previous blunders.

As much as the local government scrambled to keep the community informed, the starting date wasn’t actually confirmed by state health authorities until the day before the vaccination campaign began. Then, just hours into day one, the schedule was revamped and the daily division into alphabetically ordered surname groups altered and eventually scrapped altogether. Chaos ensued.

It’s hard to fathom why the federal government’s Bienestar social service system and its corps of AMLO minions have not established a coherent communication channel with the public, nor a consistent  and viable model for running the vaccination campaigns. How is it that the programs in many other municipalities ran like clockwork while the ones for Chapala was bungled twice over?

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