Last updateFri, 18 Jun 2021 4pm


Happily roasting through May heat

Resident expats are inclined to warn prospective newcomers that the worst of weather in the world’s best climate comes on with a vengeance in the month the May.

pg12That may be so, but now that it’s behind us, think about how much there’s to like about those few weeks of sweltering heat.

May is the month to indulge in lazy afternoon siestas, stretched out in a hammock with an icy libation close at hand. Let yourself doze off to the symphony of cicadas ratcheting up their monotonous droning as the thermometer rises.

It’s the time of year when Mother Earth provides plenty of vitamin-packed ingredients to get by on a steady diet of fresh salads and luscious seasonal fruits. You’ll find mangos and assorted melons available in abundance at their sweet and juicy best and low in price. Pitayas, the colorful prickly pears harvested from Stenocereus cacti that thrive in arid zones of Jalisco, also come on the market for just a few weeks at the peak of the hot season.

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