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Useless Comments

What is it about Facebook  that compels people to chime in on posts when they really don’t have anything pertinent or helpful to say?

pg12aHere’s the classic example. Someone puts up a notice that there will be a Covid-19 vaccine clinic for persons ages 18 to 29 to get the second dose of AstraZeneca, listing dates, times and location. Among the comments, you see questions like, “When can I get a Sinovac shot?” Nobody can answer that. If you don`t know by now that the scheduling isn’t announced until a day or two ahead of time, you`re not paying attention to how the system works.

You run across a nicely designed announcement about a special event that shows all the details. Responses run from “Where can I get tickets?” “How much does it cost?” and “When is this happening?”  Geez, just read what’s on the poster. It’s all right there.

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