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Adios Scrooge, Hello Magi

So now that Christmas is close at hand it’s the time to pump up our merry-merry mindsets. One way to do that is to adhere to the moral precepts most of us learned in childhood.

pg16While waiting on pins and needles to see what jolly old Santa had in store, parents reminded us that it’s more blessed to give than receive.

At advanced age, maybe we could start by giving up bah-humbug attitudes of the inner Scrooge. Give up griping to others about day-to-day irritations. Instead, give in to sharing positive commentaries with your social media peeps.

Give a sorely needed boost to worthy charitable causes that have struggled to support neighbors in need through nearly two years of troubled times. Give them donations in cash or kind or even hours of volunteer work.

Give your valued housekeeper or gardener something above and beyond the Aguinaldo Christmas bonus. After all, it’s not a gift. It’s a legal obligation stipulated in the federal labor code. A batch of home-baked cookies or your lip-smacking fudge, a plump chicken, a frozen turkey, a basket of fresh fruit or basic pantry goods, a bottle of tequila, anything you think might give them a sense that they’re appreciated for helping keep your life easy and in order.

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