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Yeah, I shouted. So sue me.

There are lots of reasons I rarely post anything on social media. I’d rather stay below the radar for Zuckerberg, Musk and their ilk, although of course I know their systems are rigged to detect my consumer whims, political views and personal data.

I do frequently navigate a number of local Facebook sites as a method of keeping up with the pulse of the community in my role as a news reporter. But I prefer not to comment on topics that pop up because I have observed how often doing so brings out the nastiest side of human nature. I guess that approach makes me a network voyeur…look but don’t touch.

There are times I’m tempted to reply on subjects on which I have gained ample and worthy knowledge after five decades of lakeside living and others that particularly get my goat.

A few months ago I went against the grain and it only affirmed the philosophy of keeping my thoughts to myself.

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