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Facebook funnies

The Lake Chapala area has a dizzying number of Facebook groups for English speakers, some narrowly focused on special interests (restaurant menus, foodies, vegans, live entertainment, health matters, crime, animal welfare, home rentals, etc., etc.) and others devoted to general topics about life and living here.

pg10Even in that category we’ve got titles like Gringos Ajijic & Lakeside, Friendly Gringos Ajijic & Chapala, Authentically Friendly Gringos of Lake Chapala, Ajijic and Jocotepec Gringos and Expats without Agendas, and the real ajijic gringo site.

Some of the more active members-only groups are often overloaded with gripes about negative experiences, nasty rebuttals, and unbelievably stupid questions, making one wonder whether posters might better spend their time getting a life off-line. So its quite refreshing to run across the occasional thread that provides some comic relief.

Turns out I wasn’t the only FB follower whose funny bone got tickled by the lady who posted this last week:  “If anyone found a plastic bag behind their driver’s seat in a white SUV parked close to Panchos around 4 p.m. please contact me, it contains 3 clear vases of various sizes and my husband put it in the wrong car. Thanks so much.”

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