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Fido & food places

A hot topic that recently emerged on local social networks concerned whether or not pet canines should be allowed in restaurants. Shocker: ardent opinions were expressed on either side of the issue.

pg16bScores of posters were adamantly in favor of eateries that welcome customers accompanied by their fur babies. Practically an even number voiced objections to sharing dining spaces with people who bring along their pets.

Those who oppose admitting dogs to restaurants point out  that the animals tend to shed and carry germs that don’t belong in places where food and drinks are served. Their masters show no consideration for other customers who may be allergic to animal fur. Many have experienced unpleasant incidents of undesirable behaviors such as urinating, defecating or vomiting on the premises or getting into scuffles and barking matches with other dogs.  Worse still, they take offense at diners who let their pooches roam free, sit on their master’s lap, occupy seating, or God forbid lap up goodies from their plates. Some simply advise, “Leave the dog at home. Problem solved.”

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