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La Voz de las Campanas

This editorial is dedicated to Mr. Buckley, the grumpy gringo whose March 23 comment on a Facebook thread called the boisterous pealing of Ajijic’s church bells “annoying”  and demanded an explanation of its meaning.

pg11And to César del Toro, who reminded this cranky guy that nobody made him come here and he and other outsiders aren’t entitled to question village traditions.

César started the post by mentioning his delighted role in chiming the campanas for the thanksgiving Mass honoring José Luis González Aguayo, the town’s new parish priest.  Anyone familiar with the rocky relationship between the padre’s predecessor and local parishioners understands why this was such a joyous occasion. But that’s another story.

It was an auspicious moment for repiques, the frenzied pealing of all of a temple’s bells in unison that calls the faithful to special religious festivities, such as the celebration of the Christmas Eve and Resurrection Mass, the feast of a patron saint, the visit of a cherished spiritual icon like La Virgen de Zapopan, and in this case, the welcoming of the newly appointed Señor Cura.

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