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Thwarting official surveillance

“The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” cried Chicken Little. “The internet is going dark, the internet is going dark!” cries law enforcement and government snoops.

There were already some people who were concerned with their privacy online, but the revelations seven years ago by whistleblower Edward Snowden brought about a general awareness of the pervasiveness of government-sponsored eavesdropping.

Decades from now when the history of our age is written, historians are likely to look back on this decade as the time when the general public first became aware of all the massive governmental surveillance programs that have been so much in the news for the last few years.  History may record that the blowback from these revelations was that most people became more cognizant of online security and many of them took steps to thwart surveillance of their online activities.  This is already turning out the lights on governments to surveil certain traffic on the internet. For the snoops, the internet is going dark.

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