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Social media alternatives

The toxic political climate now existing in 2021 has prompted some people to start investigating alternatives to “big tech” and its censorship.

Be forewarned you users of Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and Whatsapp; big tech has ways of making it not so easy to transition away from using their services and some will find it to be nearly impossible. Our dystopian reality is that the way things are going now, it could be only a matter of time before you too are locked out of your accounts, so you might want to be aware of some of the available alternatives.

Parler.com (French for “speak”) was signing up thousands of new users seeking to flee the censorship on Facebook and Twitter, at least until recently when the tech giants Amazon, Apple and Google each took action to force Parler off the internet.  This prompted many to use their “C word.”  On the right, the C word is “conspiracy” while on the left it is “coincidence.” As of this writing it is not known if parler.com will return.

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