Last updateFri, 22 Jan 2021 1pm

Rentals can never be considered home

The west end of Ajijic is a zone of municipal indifference. Always has been. No traffic lights. No road lamps. Few if any shops. No traffic caution alerts or signs.

Now, if I were a drug cartel chieftain, not only would I be able to get a traffic light, I’d have a west end OXXO, supermercado, boutique shops, a health food store, theater, car washes, ATMs, postal box service, consignment shops ... and I’d throw in a place of worship, and send my body double to go to confession. But I’m not a drug lord. We Sicilians don’t do stuff like that.

Anyway, I’ve just gone through the rentals-review gauntlet myself, and I concentrated on the “cosmopolitan” east end of town. All essential businesses and infrastructure seem to gravitate east.

One place I looked at was lovely, except that the walls were harboring distinct moldy somethings. I could smell it even with windows wide open. Anyway, I wasn’t happy sharing a rental with creatures that were in our solar system before the moon was.

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