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Obituary - February 27, 2024

Mark Scott died suddenly at his home in Ajijic on Sunday, April 7, with his wife of 55 years, Bernice Scott, at his side.

pg14Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut on October 16, 1947, Mark volunteered to enter the Infantry during the Vietnam War.  A first lieutenant, he met Bernice, a captain in the Army Nurse Corps, in Fort Benning, Georgia.

The couple married on February 1, 1969.  Bernice had existing orders to report to Japan but wanted to accompany her fiancé to Vietnam. When she was denied a change of duty stations by her commanding officer in Ft. Benning, she made a significant break in the “Chain of Command” and wrote directly to President Lyndon Johnson to assist her in her request. Much to Mark’s amazement, Johnson granted her request.

Mark and Bernice even traveled together on the same plane to Vietnam four weeks after their wedding and spent the year together in Vietnam. Mark was wounded three times in battle, including a helicopter crash, and was awarded the Purple Heart, Bronze Star and his coveted Combat Infantry Badge. Bernice was his nurse for 19 days while in the hospital.

Returning to civilian life, Mark entered the family business, Scott Insurance in Stratford, Connecticut, which was started by his father, Robert Scott, in 1949. The business is now in its third generation, being run by his sons Bart and Drew.

Thirty-five years ago, Mark saw an “interesting article” in the Wall Street Journal about a secret place to retire: Ajijic, Mexico.  The couple subsequently visited frequently and bought their first house in Ajijic 20 years ago, before retiring here in 2011.

Mark loved the Lake Chapala area and all of Mexico — the colonial cities as well as the beautiful beaches. He made many good friends here and so many of them are helping Bernice through this time.

Mark knows Bernice is strong, since he recalled many times to his friends here about her first words to him when they brought him into her MASH-type emergency room after being wounded: “Hi, how ya doing? So I will see you later” — sending him off to the operating room.

Mark was the proud father of Bart and Drew.  He is also survived by two wonderful daughters-in-law, Angela Logan Scott and Rose Capasso. Always bringing out his famous smile are his four grandchildren: twins Natalie and Mark, age 10, and granddaughters, Joni, 7 and Alex, 5. Mark is also survived by his sister Susan Scott Copley and her husband Robert Copley. He was predeceased by his mother, Mildred Scott and father, Robert Scott and brother, Robert.

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