Last updateFri, 18 Jun 2021 4pm

Shoot up … It makes everybody feel high

According to the Center for Disease Control, vaccinations in the U.S. were averaging 2.19 million doses per week over the last few months but are dropping off precipitously to an average of only 988,000 vaccinations recently.

The White House is appealing to the 150 million Americans who have been at least partially vaccinated to demonstrate to hesitant relatives and friends the benefits they are able to enjoy, like being able to go to church or recount your state’s 2020 presidential ballots for the fifth time ... and so on.

The overall efficacy (a word I picked up over this pandemic, but will probably never use again unless I’m talking to Dr. Fauci) of vaccines is dependent on population coverage, so when coverage drops off, infection outbreaks will continue to occur. The share of adults who are hesitant to get a vaccine has remained at around 23 percent, for vaccinations of any kind.

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