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Identifying a new psychological disorder

Studies seem to show that most people trying to get back to normal after pandemic protocols and worries are experiencing fatigue and listlessness.

It’s a traumatic stress that can make us all hesitant to move forward again. The reluctance is the result of loss of motivation, fear of unknown dangers, anxiety after being isolated and self-dependent for so long, the drag on catching-up with friends and, most importantly, the nagging question, is it really over?

All these issues are psycho-social affects, some illusory, some not, holding us back from our return to normal, or to the alternative, karaoke. Psychology, like tarot card readings, has no answers.

What can I safely do, now that I’m vaccinated? Do I wear a mask? Do I meet with friends and where? Do I still hold my breath when I pass a person without a mask? If he coughs on me, do I rush home and shower?

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