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Getting happy... let science be your guide

We have the virus bursting into an Italian family wedding of variants.

There’s a surge in mental health cases ­— at least in the United States. Anxiety hotlines and even apps are proliferating. People feel hopelessly disconnected. Radical Islam is afoot again. (That’s the religion requiring members to bang their heads against the floor five times a day. I’m not a Muslim but I could do that every news hour.)

Also unnerving are climates changing everywhere, under and up our noses. Instead of injecting beloved Earth with tender loving care, we’re pretty much injecting it with bleach. Over 250,000 people have already signed up for the first manned trip to Mars. (I  myself once held onto a “charter ticket” giving me a seat on the first commercial flight to the moon. I was 13 and it came with a monthly book club I subscribed to over 60 years ago. (And I just started looking for it again.) Remember, the musical “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off?” We’re now making plans.

So, some suggestions for how science and others tell us we can get happier.

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