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Are you sure that conspiracy theory is just a theory?

A conspiracy theory can be defined as the belief that there are groups that meet in secret to plan and carry out malevolent goals meant to harm or fool the innocent and unaware.

It’s usually held by people, feeling powerless and alienated, who think they know something that busts conventional beliefs and empowers them with a unique knowledge and understanding that matches their contempt and ignorance, like ketchup goes with French fries.

There exists too many of these theories today because they are easily circulated on social media and wacko websites. And if one’s favorite nonsense theory is repeated often enough, it goes from a “could be” to an “in fact” in the minds of people with a frontal cortex made of salami. Evidence abounds indicating that a human subspecies called Dunning-Krugerensis actually walks among us.

Examples of what they believe are in evidence worldwide:  The U.K.’s Prince Charles lives as a closeted vampire. (Yes, the man will get stuffed with more money for ribbon-cutting new cemeteries and will have to be a vampire, if he wishes to outlive his mother and take the throne.)

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