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Lakeside’s infrastructure solution

Lakeside, many claim, is a paradise, prized for its quiet, pristine rural setting, as well as its bustling hub of entertainment.

But the growing numbers of new residents have become an army of occupation too many, fostering housing developments, resource over-usage and infrastructure overload, which are degrading Ajijic’s Magic Town mojo.

Many believe we are wall-to-wall people, cars, pets and patients and we can’t take in more immigrants, whether tourists, semi-tourists or new permanent residents.  Even the quaint herds of nomadic cows and goats seem to have had enough and are disappearing from our streets — while roof dogs have taken to warning of more moving vans.

Lakeside is overcrowded. In short, what was once a quiet, pristine rural community continues to expand into something more like a Woodstock invasion. 

Those who believe this ongoing population growth generates revenue and solves the problem of funding for infrastructure renewal are now asking, where’d it all go? Up until now, funding hasn’t gone to help fix the failing electrical grid, reduce congestion on the Carretera, repair village streets, provide new water treatment facilities, replace ancient sewage overflow systems, reduce noise levels or bless us with a second express line at Walmart.

Is there a solution?

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