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When Earth is a bullseye

While we argue over the future of bitcoins, there has been little in the news about an asteroid the size of a cathedral heading towards Earth. Right this minute.

On December 11 (that would be right about the time you are reading this – or doing your Sudoku), NASA claims 4660 Nereus, classified as a “potentially hazardous” piece of rock flying our way, will be at its closest point to Earth in many years. Whoa! Any miscalculations, and imagine the debris from, say, Easter Island suddenly being blasted into the skies, plopping those weird giant heads into our living rooms.

Many of us still remember those mighty, although not particularly bright, dinosaurs, thinking they were God’s chosen creatures for millions of years. Until the Yucatan asteroid surprise when they found out ... well, they weren’t God’s chosen creatures after all. (In fact, he doesn’t even mention them in his writings.)

Little furry creatures diving into holes were really the divine plan for Earth. These have since evolved to more advanced animations, with some so advanced they call themselves Her Majesty, His Holiness, The Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz.

So, one asteroid can flip Earth’s biosystems in a flash. And we’d have to start all over again with furry little creatures diving into holes.

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