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Quirky Lakeside history

If you are able to take your mind off the current crises in the news, then you might be suffering cognitive decline because you’re an exception.

If you haven’t, here are a few bits of Lakeside history to give you a break from the current human folly, including Andrés “World’s 4th in Organized Crime” and Manuel López Obrador’s bizarre fellowship with Vladymir “Make Russia Great Again” Putin.

1. Lakeside is surrounded by earthquake faults. It is the center of one of the most seismologically active areas in the world. Lake Chapala itself resulted from these drastic plate tectonics and faulting some 12 million years ago. But since only a handful of hippies were here during that time, few people remember it.

2. The Island of Mezcala, where an Indian rebellion occurred in the early 1800s, lasting six years, and where the attacking Spaniards tried to dislodge them and failed, after relentless attacks. A treaty was signed. Mezcala may be the only part of Mexico that wasn’t actually conquered by Spaniards. Or OXXO.

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