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Democracy vs. autocracy – an allegory

Every nation has a version of what they consider human rights, infused into it over centuries, even millennia.

Despite all this, in today’s world, only two forms of government exist, a democratic system and some form of autocratic system, both of whom let translators make up nice things to say that sound like respect for one another.

How often do you think to yourself, “Wow, that Russian or Chinese system of government makes a lot a sense”? (Right, not that often.) It’s controlled by the alpha psychology, philosophy and temperament of a single leader, who tells everybody what to expect in their lives, so there’s no messy arguing or discontent. “Wow,” you’re saying again, that sounds efficient. It is, if you don’t mind a supreme autocrat  who is irreplaceable, if autoerotic and primitively auto didactic, and can spend US$10,000 a year on hair grooming and use a toilet made of gold.

Anyway, that system of government has lasted for millennia and makes up most of human history. And you know what that’s been like.

Then there’s government where the whole population tries to arrive at decisions of what they expect out of life and are given the opportunity to pursue it by electing representatives through a majority voice of the people. There are at least two opposing parties in a democracy vying for that majority voice – and sometimes they’re even civil.

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