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Online addiction grabs your data & your sanity

I am now getting a news feed from my malware and virus protection app. An early news scoop warned, “Studies have shown there’s a clear link between time spent online and negative mental health outcomes.”

In addition to the app’s malware checks, battery boosts, identity theft tips, I expected a new button to relieve Bipolar Disorder.

Also, per Harvard University researchers: “Routine social media use is actually linked to too much of a dependence on social media ... [which is] an unhealthy emotional connection.” Like a lonely guy trying to figure out  how to date Alexa.

We have access to basically all the information in the world in our hand. This, millennia ago was the privilege of only gods and goddesses. Mortals today, even while dining, can draw up the latest news, disasters, discoveries, rechecks of how many children Angelina Jolie has.

Luckily, here are seven signs it may be time to put down your phone and return to the task of washing your clothes.


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